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Jinx Episode 1: A Dark And Stormy Night Report

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Jinx Episode 1: A Dark And Stormy Night
Point and click game. it is a dark. it is a stormy. it is a night. and poor jinx has just become inside a strange house! it is up to you to help jinx find the way out. how? by using your mental telepathy or screaming at your computer. okay, actually you just need to play the game! use the mouse to click on doors to open them and click on objects to look at them or to pick them up. you can even keep some of the stuff you find to use later! hey you never know when a roll of tape will come in handy in a strange and maybe haunted house as you travel around the house, use the things you fins to help jinx escape. just remember not to make too much noise -- you may not want to find out who lives there!
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