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Kingdoms At War : Conquest! Report

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Kingdoms At War : Conquest!

Kingdoms at war : conquest is one of the most addictive, most engrossing and most fully featured strategy based rpg war games online. play with or against players from around the world as you try to build the most powerful kingdom in the world. it isn't an easy task to accomplish, but it is well worth trying. if you've never played a rpg war game before or aren't familiar with how they're played, you might have a bit of a hard time picking this one up which can make it a bit frustrating for beginners, but as you play you'll figure out more about the game and improve significantly. more experienced players will love this game. the game play itself isn't that different from most rpg war games, but the fact that you are able to face off online against other players makes it more challenging, more interactive and a lot more fun. the tutorial level allows you to get a feel for what the different tabs in the game do and how to accomplish various tasks in the game, but you will not be asked to name your kingdom and face off against online opponents until you've completed the tutorial level. make sure you do the tasks you are given in order or you're going to have a hard time completing the tasks you need to complete before you can start playing online.


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