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Dee As Watermelon Mist Report

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Dee As Watermelon Mist

The la dee da girls thought is what time for them to find a job for the summer, so they can get some extra pocket money. they found work in a smoothie shop and it was the perfect inspiration for them to find some cute outfits inspired by the juicy crush. dee decided that the fresh sweet watermelon was the perfect fruit for her. what outfit could she choose to portray it? a strapless dress with a green top and a red skirt with black seed prints would look amazing and she could wear it with green shoes with platforms and high heels and red bows and an adorable watermelon hat. she could also try a more subtle approach with a white shirt and a green and red corset over, a short pink skirt and a pair of green stocking and she can accessorize with a watermelon headband. have fun!


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