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D20 Gaming Dice Pro Report

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D20 Gaming Dice Pro

Questions, bug reports, or feature requests email: support@litmanxp.com visit: http://www.litmanxp.com to sign-up for our email list for existing product updates, new product announcements, and bug and feature updates. d20 gaming dice set pro provides a set of dice compatible with most dice based games. the application provides 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 100 sided dice. it will let you roll any number of dice at a time. for example, if you needed to roll 4d6 (4 6-sided dice), you would choose 4 as the quantity, and d6 as the dice type, then hit roll. it will then show you the total of all dice rolled, as well as the individual numbers rolled on each dice. the application also supports dice rolling sound that can be turned off for silent rolling. the pro version of the application supports everything above, plus the ability to roll multiple sets of dice at a time. for example, 3d6 + 2d8 - 3. the interface provides a quick and easy way to dial-in the exact roll you wish to perform. whether you are rolling 25d20 for fireball damage, or play with a dm who is always making you make strange rolls d20 gaming dice set pro has what you need. this application replaces the need of carrying a collection of various dice to all of your gaming sessions. *** next version of d20 gaming dice set pro *** the pro version of the application will have support in future versions for dropping dice, re-rolling certain dice, and the ability to add and save rolls that you do often so you can quickly roll dice configurations for whatever your favorite game requires. **************************************************

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