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Kaanchi The Game

Kaanchi the game is an action game based on the upcoming romantic subhash ghai feature film. the film stars newcomer actress mishti and kartik tiwari in lead roles supported by veteran actorsrishi kapoor and mithun chakraborty. kaanchi (mishti) is an 18 year old from the hills, innocent and carefree. oblivious of the world and its ways she lives her life to the fullest till tragedy strikes. then the she rises up to seek her vengeance. binda (karthik tiwari) is the quintessential hero, who stands for the right. kaanchis childhood friend and love interest. shyam kakda (mithun chakraborthy) plays the most powerful of politicians, runs the power circle yet comes across as the most humble person. jhoomar babu kakda (rishi kapoor) shyam kakdas younger brother and one of the richest indians, loves girls, guns and guitars and is a very impulsive and emotional man. money is his power. kaanchi the game is inspired by the subhash ghaifilm made in his own inimitable style with larger than life canvas and great music. kaanchi is an inspirational story for young india to do what is right and fight for their rights. this new online game available for free full download on ios, revolves around the story of a beautiful pahadi girl from uttrakhand, who fights alone to take the revenge for her love. play the free full version and help kaanchi fight and topple down the most powerful people of the country single handedly. kaanchi is a fun game available for free on ios mobile, that takes you through the story of the inner power of a woman who represents millions of suppressed youth against unjust in the country. while subhash ghai tells this spirited tale in his inimitable style of music, drama and amazing characters on an unrivalled big scale canvass. thiscasual game helps you lead kaanchi throughout her tumultuous journey. help her travel to mumbai, beat stormy situations, deadly people and finally dethrone the most powerful people taking her revenge. play kaanchi the game. the power is in your hands. go forth.

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