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Oasis Poker

Oasis poker is a variant of the popular card game caribbean stud poker. unlike standard poker games, oasis poker is played against the dealer instead of against other players. oasis poker is played in the following steps: 1) player pays ante and cards are dealt. 2) player has the option to pay ante amount and switch one card with a new one from the deck. 3) player can place a bet equal to twice the ante amount or fold. 4a) if dealer's hand is ace / king or better, then dealer's hand qualifies. both hands are compared and if player wins, a bet payout is made based on the value of player's hands. see "payouts" table for more details. 4b) if dealer's hand is weaker than ace / king, then dealer's hand fails to qualify. player has option to pay ante amount to have dealer switch his highest value card for a new one from the deck. if player doesn't want to do this, they receive an immediate payout equal to the ante amount. since bet payouts are only made when dealer's hand qualifies, the player might want to buy the dealer a new card if the player's hand is high enough (part of the strategy of oasis poker is figuring out when it's worth doing). more information about rules, payouts, and card rankings are available in-game. developed by conlan rios artwork by jeff cardinal

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