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T-Rex Escape - Dinosaur Jurassic Run Report

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T-Rex Escape - Dinosaur Jurassic Run

T-rex escape is an awesome dinosaur running game. lights have gone out in the park. dinosaurs have escaped and they are running free. velociraptors, allosaurus, brontosaurus and the tyrannosaurus rex. everyone in the park is in danger. get into one of the park cars (the green ones, not the jeeps, that ones are too old and slow) and try to escape! be careful, the t-rex is chasing you and it's fast. fast and hungry. park workers are his favorite lunch. run through the jungle and see how far can you go in this awesome running game. don't drive too slow or you will get caught by the t-rex. and probably eaten by the t-rex... compete against your friends to be the best. compete against the world in the global leaderboards. endless running game is more fun than ever! the park jungle is full of obstacles you should dodge to escape. trees, rocks, fences, velociraptors, motoraptors. drive fast and collect all the gold coins. use powerups to cheat death. use the coins to upgrade the powerups. * dash and dodge as fast as you can! * swipe to do lightning fast acrobatics! * collect coins to extend your powers! * awesome powerups! * online leaderboards and achievements! * a tyrannosaurus rex (t-rex) chasing you! * velociraptors running free! and motoraptors too! * infinite running game! and free! * endless run gameplay! a universal free app with 3d hd optimized graphics. god creates dinosaurs. god destroys dinosaurs. god creates man. man destroys god. man creates dinosaurs.


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