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! Tkkn 99 Bullets Dodge ! Report

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! Tkkn 99 Bullets Dodge !

Tkkn bullets dodge 99! how long can you last? - classic mini game ios transplant - now play for free!! - dodge the bullets! - avoid being hit! - evade the obstacles for as long as possible! - very boring but exciting game! - easy to get started - hard to master. can you survive a minute? you got to prove that. - impossible to cheat! - nearly impossible to last more than 50 seconds - share your results through facebook/twitter/wechat/google+ one of the most free addictive classic games out there! once you started playing, you just want to have another go! easy to play and really entertaining, tkkn bullets dodge 99 is a fast-paced game where only speed and reflexes matter. are you up for this challenge? the rule is extremely simple : swipe on the screen to control the plane, avoid the bullets, keep alive for as long as possible. you get a specific rank based on the time period you lasted while you dodge, evade or avoid the bullets, missiles or obstacles. challenge your friends on this rank! share function integrated - you can show off your scores just with one click - to facebook / twittter / wechat / google+ / whatsapp / instagram, etc. - high scores - different bullets - high speed / homing, etc. - not a game for noobs - classic mini game - arcade action style mini game - bullet dodge, bullet evade, avoid missiles mini game challenge your friends and people around the world now! please contact us if you have any feedback: redtofustudio@gmail.com in the meantime please enjoy! warning: this game is extremely hard

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