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Candy Collector Pro Report

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Candy Collector Pro

No ads, all the fun candy collector is fun, addictive game that will keep you playing for hours with 250 levels which keep getting more and more challenging as you play. each level has a mission, complete the mission by collecting the candies in the given time and avoid bombs, to pass the level. three games in one: 1. mission at top of each level, complete your mission 2. get 3 star by finishing your mission accurate. collect only the right candy 3. get points by collecting as many candy as you can game features - 250 levels each with a unique mission - spin wheel for prizes - awesome bonuss - 8 different candy to collect combination - get 3 of the same candy, earn a bonus in the game - extra power ups include bigger bucket, double lives, 2x candy multiplayer double time. - bonus game earn 3 stars by getting only the right candy in the bucket - boosts for more time - boosts for more lives - boosts for 2 time candy multiplayer - boosts for bigger bucket - full version available to open all levels play candy collector today.

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