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Deep Space Invaders Report

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Deep Space Invaders

Deep space invaders is a indie game where you have to save the galaxy and destroy a lots of alien space ship to get the greatest possible number of points and achievements. your space ship should avoid the alien attacks and have to destroy all the alien ship as you can in the combat before they kill you . challenge your friends and discover who is the most skilled . deep space invaders features : - free game for ios ( iphone and ipad ). - the management of the space ship is very simple . - the difficulty increases over time . - three different types of fighters for the alien space combat . - you have seven different types of weapon . - ten power-ups and different weapons upgrades . - secondary weapon of mass destruction . - each enemy ship has a different strategy for destruction . - amazing 3d graphics and sound effects . - a beautiful soundtrack . - system points and achievements with game center (achievements & leaderboards) . - explore and drive your interstellar ship in a exciting game of deep space combat war . - a cool shoot 'em up style game combat in a deep space ambience . - it is a very addictive and fun space shooter game combat . - it's an indie game i've developed on my own, i hope you enjoy it . deep space invaders ship control buttons : - touch the screen to move the spaceship . - secondary weapon button below right (mass destruction) . - pause button, remaining energy and shield top of the screen . - score is lower left of the screen . this is a indie game, i will make a future updates along the time . your comments and feedback will shape the indie game in the future .

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