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Depth Basara - Submarine Hunter Remake Report

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Depth Basara - Submarine Hunter Remake

Re-innovation of retro shooting game. simple, but fun! depth basara is an innovated remake of a retro arcade game. looks cartoonish and cute, but if you want to beat this game you have to take great risks - you need to dodge everything that is a threat and don't be afraid to drop a depth charge or two because you will have tones of subs trying to destroy you! when you hit a sub it will cause an explosion that will destroy any sub around it, and those subs will blow up too! this will create an awesome chain reaction of exploding subs! try to leverage it, you will have an exciting battle on the ocean. game features: - simple: simple game concept which is easy to pick up and play with. - fun: cartoonish enemies but with an evil ai. don't be afarid to sweep them out. - combo hits: the combo effects for each battleship are unique. keep beating enemies in combo, your ship will be more powerful! - energy attack: have you been tired of the traditional full-screen bomb? it doesnt matter. there are 6 kinds of unique energy attacks always for your choice. - three controller types: directional pad, screen touch , accelerometer

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