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Face The Cake

Jorge and ben: face the cake is a hilarious free game for the whole family. challenge your friend to a cake throwing duel. fast paced action and funny moments! a good alternative for solving arguments. try this instead of rock, paper & scissors. boom! face the cake! * it's free! * fast paced action * multiplayer (two player) duel * cakes & clowns * catchy tunes! * pixel art * insanely funny high definition graphics (if you're used to nes) * nice game to play on the beach! "my face is so full of cake right now!" - some random guy we tested this on "epic duels to be had by all" - a clown "simply the best! better than all the rest!" - tina turner (not about our game though...) how to play: * push the corresponding arrows to move your clown up or down * press the cake button to throw cakes. try to hit your opponents face * press the duck-button to dodge incoming cakes * cheer wildly (and possibly dance gangnam style) when you win!

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