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Farm Truck Harvest - Happy Barn Delivery Driver Report

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Farm Truck Harvest - Happy Barn Delivery Driver

Do you want to try driving and hauling a cargo truck? play this simulator game now and feel the load of your fresh farm harvests as you drive the carrier to transfer it for processing. this arcade game will require the best of your skill to control the load at the back of the truck. you must prevent it from spilling over since your score will depend on the number of fruit harvests you successfully transfer into the food processing crane. the quest of the game is to transport all day the available farm harvests into the processing area. awesome game, i like it a lot! i've played something like this but its a hay delivery going to a farm. this one is best recommended since you can choose the speed of the truck. - donna no monster game player is skilled enough to get a perfect score on this game so far. with blitz and tactic, you can dare to make it now. deliver you harvests now. enjoy the fun and trail off road keeping the veggies and fruits in tack inside the truck to get the highest score...download now!!!

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