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Geometry Concepts Report

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Geometry Concepts

Geometry concepts is an interactive learning system designed to provide instruction in mathematics at the 7th grade through adult levels. the instructional goals for geometry concepts include several objectives. the primary objective for this app is to provide basic information about geometry through interactive lessons. tap the notebook icon open dynamically illustrated lessons on each of the seven topics: basic concepts, circles, angles and triangles, lines and planes, area and perimeter, 2-dimensional figures and 3-dimensional figures. our goal in designing this app is to incrementally build an understanding of fundamental concepts by providing an easy-to-use format for exploring geometry. tap the magnifying glass icon to explore a topic more deeply. each of the images are interactive. tap to reveal terms and key concepts. tap the more info icon for detailed information about the highlighted term. we hope to support the development of a sense of confidence in each user's mathematical ability through a variety of educational approaches. geometry concepts includes a reference system, lessons, randomly generated quiz questions and an exploratory tool for open-ended investigations. tap the tool icon on the main navigation screen to access a set of 12 interactive tools for exploring geometry concepts. icons on the sides of the screen are used to change the investigation. manipulated the tools to learn more about each concept. we think your students will enjoy learning with geometry concepts.

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