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Halloween Haunted Hunter - Shooter Game Report

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Halloween Haunted Hunter - Shooter Game

Take the challenge: download today! special halloween shooter game! we've taken the common shooter game concept and applied the iphone and ipod touch's sound / touchscreen features to give you the ultimate listening shooter experience that when played in the dark will send shivers down your spine! see how many creepy crawlers you can fend off in the darkness of a deserted tunnel before becoming infected yourself with their deadly virus you're trying to prevent from reaching the outside world. it's friday the 13th and you don't want the world to feel the fear you're feeling. let nothing survive. terminator shotgun fiesta! shoot one bug with a shotgun and every bug on that side is taken out in one shot. talk about power, use it wisely though, it's limited to 7 shots before being returned to your pistol. light the darkness terminator! can't defend the bugs and need a break from the creepy horror? if you win the flare bonus, just shake to ignite a lifesaving flare which scares off all bugs for a short while... giving your thumbs the needed break from your amazing gun action. bonus save one bullet terminator mode like a challenge? how about a really hard exterminator challenge? try save one bullet mode to get 20 pistol bullets, and nothing else to defend yourself for however long as possible. it's terminator mode on steroids. reach a killing spree and you get 15 more, but caution, it takes 15 direct hits to get to the next spree... so every bullet counts and the bugs get more and more hungry as the game goes on. high score board - how good are your skills? can you be today's top scorer? after each game, you can choose to submit your high score online. will you be the first to reach 1,000 vampire bug kills? ex terminator shooter game play tips: you can hear bugs, spiders, and creepy crawlers approaching but if you shoot while they're far off, you're not guaranteed to hit them. your chance of hitting them is practically guaranteed when they're right up front to barely promised when the vampire bugs are far off. use an extermination poison bomb or flare when you need too, but don't wait until you get a new killing spree, otherwise you'll lose the old bonus in exchange for the new one. shotguns should be use wisely, you're only given 7 after a shotgun bonus. you'll take them all out with one hit! plus, you're guaranteed to hit them, no matter how far they are (in reference to the game tip above). listen for the sign of a monster attack and defend yourself before it happens! bugs have a distinct sound right before they'll bite you. it sounds like some mutated angry cat hissing or a freaky spider crawling across the floor. use a pair of headphones with the game! seriously! no headphones is no fun... unless you're all silent hill crazy and insane like that. you'll want to hear which side to shoot on. calibrate your headphones easily, on the home screen click the left or right side of the screen to hear a scary vampire like bug noise on your left or right ear piece. lastly, the most important tip: play in complete darkness with sound maxed! you'll definitely have scary vampire nightmares after that. think of it like playing silent hill, trapped undead, saw, nightmare, ivampire, halloween, or friday the 13th blood gore. absolute horror! :) download today and play now!

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