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Haunted House Hidden Objects - Horror Fun Report

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Haunted House Hidden Objects - Horror Fun

There was a king once who lived in his kingdom very happily. the king was found dead and there was blood all over the place. after the king passed away, people wanted all the treasures but the kings soul wandered the house and no one dared to enter it. this game is exciting and full of entertainment, and there is no need to get scared because the soul only haunts the greedy people that are after his treasure. the house has been recently bought by the government to make it into a museum, but the house is full of dust and there are some objects hidden. you have a chance to visit the haunted house and cleanup all the mess and look for hidden objects. this exciting game is a blend of cleaning and finding hidden objects. you can choose a wide variety of cleaning tools to clean up the mess on the floor to make it look super clean. you will also have to find some objects that were hidden by the king himself decades ago. there are a total of three scenes, you can play the first scene only because the other two are locked. to unlock the second scene, you will have to complete the first level and similarly complete the second level to unlock the third level. features include: spooky haunted house backgrounds cleanup all the dirt using different tools for a neat and clean interior find old hidden objects to complete the levels unlocking next levels play our game totally free so download and install this game right away and join the fun of the haunted house!

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