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I'M Scared Plus The Halloween Monsters - A Blackfish Children'S Book Report

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I'M Scared Plus The Halloween Monsters - A Blackfish Children'S Book

mom's choice gold award winning app - highly customizable - make the book exactly how you want it new the halloween monsters. continue your adventure with your favorite friend in a new halloween adventure. we all know kids like to dress up as monsters for halloween, but did you know that monsters also like to dress up as kids on halloween! a compelling and unique customizable bedtime story - watch your kids' expressions as they read through pages they helped to create engages children unlike anything else on the market! the level of immersion children have when reading about characters they choose is powerful. in our latest book, "i'm scared", you'll team up with a character of your choice and go on a fun adventure together. you can customize the book to your preferences, and the entire book changes based on your choices. along the way, you may find that a scary creature isn't so scary after all, and by the end, you may even make a new friend! features: choose from dozens of character possibilities to tailor the story. any character that is chosen adjusts the images and text throughout the entire story. customize the character/friend itself as well. customize the book to your or your child's preferences. enter information such as your child's and the story friend's name, age, favorite food, etc choose from different story types. you can change the reading level for the story to range from 2 to 8 years old. choose between a standard story, or a rhyming version of the story. there are interactive objects on every page that kids love to touch and watch what they do. try and find all of the objects throughout the story. at the end, the book tells you what you still need to find. 1 purchase gets you both iphone/ipod and ipad versions easy to use navigation, customization, and page turning effects character descriptions can be adjusted for various images giving more flexibility. example characters/friends includes a monster, dinosaur, lizard, alien, ghoul, bear, grizzly, dog, wolf, dragon, ghost, spirit, phantom, mummy, undead, rat, mouse, shadow, skeleton, snake, rattler, spider, bug, insect, mutant, zombie music throughout the book to help set the mood. parental controls for young readers. in app purchase available for the halloween monsters about customizabooks: customizabooks is a pioneer of customizable books and games. our technology creates interactive electronic books and games with broad customization features to give readers a personalized, interactive experience unavailable elsewhere in the market. our patent pending technology allows readers to create or customize a wide variety of characters which can then be part of our books and games. whether it is through the ability to choose their favorite companion character or simply the option to insert their own name into the text, we believe that reading becomes more enjoyable when the reader is invested and immersed, and our products are designed with this principle in mind. customizabooks is continually expanding both its books and games library and its set of characters to go with those books and games. please visit customizabooks online for more information: www.customizabooks.com http://www.twitter.com/customizabooks http://www.facebook.com/customizabooks http://www.youtube.com/tomlucient http://www.pinterest.com/customizabooks

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