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Kids Memory Match - Sea Animals Report

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Kids Memory Match - Sea Animals

Meta description: sea animals match memory game offers memory match game for kids for sea animals. teaching kids about animals world is an extensive responsibility for parents and teachers. the range of the subject is wide spread and can be monotonous for kids unless the teaching is done in an interesting and interactive way. teaching kids with the help of educational ocean memory game tools is the latest idea being supported by educational experts worldwide. sea animals match memory game is one such comprehensive educational game for kids that is helpful for teaching toddlers and preschool kids about some popular sea animals. the entire app presents a match memory game for kids using some pictures of common sea animals to recognize and the name and pronunciation of the names by encouraging voice prompt for the ease and quick learning of the users. how to play the game? playing this fun with sea animals match memory game is indeed easy. you have to select one level out of three for play options. these three levels are easy, medium, and hard. once you select a level, you can start playing by tapping on the start button. you will get to see some pairs of tiles on the screen and each of the tiles is imprinted with a sea animals picture. once you tap on a tile, you will get the image of a sea animal; now you have to match the tile with its pair by tapping from other tiles on screen. once you will match the pair both the tiles will get disappeared and a voice prompt will let you know about the name of the sea animal with best pronunciation. in easy level you will get 6 pairs of tiles, in medium level 10 pairs of tiles, and 15 pairs of tiles in the hard level of this memory game for kids. the features of the game other than usefulness, the sea animals match memory game offers a bundle of cool features, which make it a utility fun-packed educational game for kids: 1. vibrant, unassuming, and user-friendly interface: kids will be able to play the sea animals match memory game on their own, 2. multi-level kids friendly game app with three levels like easy, medium, and hard: easy,(6 tabs) medium(10 tabs), and hard(15 tabs), 3. there is cheering sound at the background: intermediary voice prompt is really encouraging, 4. the kids matching game app, post download, can be played unlimited offline, 5. user friendly voice prompt will keep users amused and stimulated, 6.besides improving memory, the sea animals match memory game app will upgrade motor skill, hand-eye coordination, and concentration level of the participating kids. download the kids memory game now: it is compatible to play on tablets and androids. it is more a game than a learning notebook for kids. for parents it is more an educational tool than a mobile app.

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