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Last Stand Village : Zombie World War Report

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Last Stand Village : Zombie World War

World war 2014! this war is between zombies and human beings! zombies are everywhere! all towns and villages are almost destroyed! only one village is alive now; your village! the zombies have found your village and are attacking from every direction. there is no way to escape from the zombie horde! think and decide immediately; will you fight or die?! don't think about trying to escape. they have you surrounded and will definitely kill you! army soldiers are already fighting off the zombies, but they need your help to save you village, the last standing village in the zombie world war! your duty is to shoot the zombies from an army tank; you have lots of armor and ammo! use the machine guns and rocket launchers! shoot like a commando! tap to activate the female soldiers; they will give you extra protection. careful, some zombies will attack with jeeps and other vehicles; shoot them fast! save you and your village! save what is left of the human race! download this game right now!

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