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Major Space Laser Report

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Major Space Laser

From the creator of the hit grappling garry comes major space laser! major space laser is an action arcade title where you play as the titular major space laser - the baddest duder this side of the galaxy. your goal is to survive being chased by the massive space monster who would love to eat you for dinner. simple and addicting game play! major space laser is simple to learn but hard to master. avoid the walls and try not to get shot down yourself! great music and sounds! major space laser features songs and sound effects from the auralnauts! major space laser is a full experience! there is no waiting for energy or pestering you for your money just play! achievements and leaderboards! major space laser uses game center to provide you with a full set of achievements and leaderboards. compete for the best score against your friends (or nemesis)! ________________________________________ this game includes: - links to outside websites which takes the player away from the game allowing them to browse the internet - links and integration with social media sites intended for users over the age of 13 - advertising of products from select ad services credits: design & development - ryan beldessi art & animation - christina danelon music & sound design - auralnauts

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