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Neuron Reaction Free Report

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Neuron Reaction Free

This is the free version of neuron reaction with ads. try the paid version to avoid ads. how to play: 1 select game mode from menu and sub menu. 2 place your finger on the blue part of the screen. 3 you'll get a pulsating circle around your finger(s). 4 all players should sign in before the 6 seconds count down ends. 5 players can play. 5 lift your finger as soon as the screen turns white. 6 see all the results 7 for the next round - place your finger in your own circle. compete with friends and family and decide who has the fastest neurons in this fun and addictive local multiplayer reaction game. 5 players can play at the same time on one iphone or ipad. use neuron reaction as a -party game, which only gets more and more fun! -fun family game for all ages -training of concentration, awareness and reactions 3 different multiplayer game modes to compete in, secures many hours of fierce competition a single player mode for skill development highscore board which registers your achievements any problems or suggestions for improvements, please feel free to contact us!

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