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Panarchy Fling Hd Report

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Panarchy Fling Hd

Cute. simple. fun. panarchy fling is a unique twist on pinball the first of its kind! with lovable animals and amazing visuals, this game will leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling in no time. engage with various endangered species in africa like never before! perfect if you are looking for something different, with balanced gameplay to occupy your time for both short and long play sessions! find out why players of all ages instantly fall in love with panarchy fling within seconds! panarchy fling features: * simple swipe controls * stunning 3d environments * 5 beautiful, playable animals * a series of endangered animal collectible cards * over 40 achievements to unlock * game center leaderboards * twitter and facebook integration for more info on upcoming games from mne creations, follow us on: facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/mne-creations-limited/366973480004239 twitter:@mnecreations

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