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Sago Mini Forest Flyer Report

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Sago Mini Forest Flyer

More than 1 million downloads! the fun begins at robins birdhouse. ring the doorbell and invite your new feathered friend out to play. discover the magical forest together as you soar through the sky, splash in the pond, do a little dance, and make new friends. this open-ended play experience is loaded with exciting animated surprises guaranteed to make your little one giggle with joy. made with love, sago mini forest flyer puts kids in control. part of the award-winning suite of sago mini apps, the app is sure to bring joy to your little one. features choose between summer and winter scenes tap robin, and fly through the forest guide robin to the yellow markers to uncover fun animations see robin dance, sing and play more than 20 fun animations to discover make up stories to go with the actions recommended for toddlers no in-app purchases or third-party advertising, so you and your child are free to discover without interruptions! our team of designers and developers create apps that children love and parents trust. we build on kids' natural sense of wonder, creativity and curiosity to make apps that are safe, positive and fun. sago mini are the ideal first apps for your little one.

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