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Sarah Cyborg Escape - Sci-Fi Running Game Report

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Sarah Cyborg Escape - Sci-Fi Running Game

Year 2092. robots have improved and theyre part of people daily life. theyre intelligent and independent, far from the old machines operated buy some guy at an old factory. there are robots building cars and other machines, robots serving people in bars and restaurants, robots cleaning the streets, even robots living with people and doing all the household chores. there are also cyborgs, machines more advanced designed to look like humans. cyborgs use is usually restricted to help the police and the military in difficult situations. sarah is a military police who lives in los angeles. she was buying some tuna for her cat clawdia when she heard an explosion. cyborgs are going crazy and theyre destroying the city. run through the streets and see how far can you go in this awesome running game. help sarah to get out of the caos and get home safe! do it for clawdia! dont let the cyborg get you! compete against your friends to be the best. compete against the world in the global leaderboards. endless running game is more fun than ever! the streets of los angeles are full of obstacles you should dodge. run, jump, roll, dodge and jump again through all the cars, buses, barriers, barrels and keep running collecting all the gold coins. use powerups to cheat death. use the coins to upgrade the powerups. * dash and dodge as fast as you can! * swipe to do lightning fast acrobatics! * collect coins to extend your powers! * online leaderboards and achievements! * a big war machine chasing you! * infinite running game! and free! * endless run gameplay! a universal free app with 3d hd optimized graphics.


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