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Saturday Night Trivia! Report

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Saturday Night Trivia!

A must for all saturday night live fans! a tribute to snl! try "saturday night trivia!" today to test your knowledge of saturday night live. check out some of our reviews!!! "extremely bad" "do not get wast of money can't eat" by 'can t get a nickname not taken' on nov 19, 2011 "terrible" "it only has one trivia game and one game of hangman" by 'kc2camovie' on jan 18, 2011 how bad is it? ..... only 99 cents to find out for yourself! here's what you get! 1) 20 questions. twenty fascinating questions about topics such as the cast, hosts, popular sketches, and interesting facts. if you don't know the answer to a question, the correct answer is provided for some interesting insight into snl. 2) five-timers club. take this quiz to see how well you know when some of snls first five-timers (as a host or musical guest) made it into the club. 3) hosts & musical guest history. a history of the guest hosts and musical guests since the first episode! updated through march 2013. lots of information right at your fingertips. 4) saturday night hangman. see if you can solve all 30 of these hangman puzzles. 5) word puzzler. an anagram (word scramble) game for snl fans. 6) ha ha! just for laughs. this app is loaded with info about saturday night live! notice: the 'saturday night trivia!' app and triple iron ventures are not affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by saturday night live, nbc, or their affiliates in any way. triple iron ventures has attempted to confirm the reliability of information contained in this app, but does not make any representations or warranties thereof, including without limitation the completeness or accuracy of such information. this app is intended for educational and informational use only.

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