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Scarlet Fighters! Report

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Scarlet Fighters!

Game overview: 3d shooting action featuring the latest in unreal engine 4 3d graphic technology! a wild pop recreation portraying the appeal of reciprocating engine fighters and young military beauties?! simple yet sophisticated a short action game that shines new light on mobile phone games! how many scrambling enemy fights can you destroy? world image: just as countries around the world united as one an attack by unknown alien beings! with the latest in attack fighters being stolen and downed, the only air-worthy fighters remaining was an old reciprocating fighter, the ki-61 hien, and its pilot eve. the mission of recapturing the earth and the will of a woman now begins the battle for score ranking! fighter introduction: your beloved fighter was the nations first domestically manufactured fighter built during wwii. with liquid-cooled engines, the ki-61 hien had a troubled start. the mass produced version featured excessive protective plating and extra fuel tank that left it with a reputation as a clumsy contraption. however, the original design was a lightweight fighter that had speed, dynamic power, and excellent range. the global defense force used this design as the basis for their last stand, a hien hybrid featuring explosive rounds and guided missiles that are connected to the cloud. in destroying the advanced weaponry of the global defense force, the aliens also left themselves without a fighting force. now, they create ghosts, old model fighters that they takeover whenever possible. ghost battalions made up of the f4u corsair, the b25 mitchell, and the ho229 horten have set their sights on the young ladies of the global defense forces scarlet fighters! operating instructions: -control: touch the left side of screen -attack: touch right side of screen for auto-fire machine guns. -evade: swipe to left or right! updates: new stages and famous fighters! new weapons to take on surging enemy fighters!? stay tuned! note from developer: a true fighter game fan who spends his free time developing games fresh, beautiful young girls and fighter planes are perfectly combined into a single mod. however, up to now updates were not regular. i ask for your encouragement and support so that i can dedicate myself to developing a sequel! product information: title name: scarlet fighters genre: shooting action a downloading price: free of charge languages: japanese, korean, chinese, english, french, german, italian, spanish, russian compatible models: ios 8.0 and later supported devices: iphone 5s, 6, 6plus, ipad mini2, mini3, air, air2 copyright: scarlet fighters, copyright 2015 sr factory inc. all rights reserved. unreal engine, copyright 1998 - 2015, epic games, inc. all rights reserved. this game uses the unreal engine. unreal is a trademark or registered trademark of epic games, inc. in the united states of america and other countries and regions. sr factory co., ltd. and epic games, inc. shall bear no liability whatsoever and shall not be liable for the compensation of any damages related to any damages incurred by the user as a result of this service (including damages related to software, os, hardware, etc.).

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