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Tamago Pocket Collector Report

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Tamago Pocket Collector

15 eggs! 15 amazing surprises! 5 free weapons! this is not just another ordinary tamago tapping game. tamago pocket collector is different, more fun and full of new amazing surprises. to open the first egg you only need 500 taps instead of the usual 1.000.000 taps! thats easy, right? and its even more fun because you will be rewarded with 15 wonderful surprises! i bet you are curious to find out whats waiting for you inside. tamago pocket collector is a fun, addictive gaming experience that everyone can enjoy..... are you up for the challenge, can you collect all the 15 surprises? game features: === 100% free weapons === * the super whip - 2x damage swiping * the super bat - 5x damage tapping * the super hammer - 10x damage tapping * the super mace - 25x damage tapping === awesome hd retina graphics === * multiple colourful fantasy eggs * a magical & exciting world * surprise gallery available === challenge your friends === * game center achievements * game center leader boards * can you reach the top?! download it now, you gotta collect them all!

TagsSimulation Family Entertainment Games

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