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Tank Wash And Repair Workshop- Makeover Your Army War Tanks In Monster Garage For All Super Boys & Girls Report

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Tank Wash And Repair Workshop- Makeover Your Army War Tanks In Monster Garage For All Super Boys & Girls

Roll up your sleeves and take out the mechanic tool box to fix up the dented, broken, messy and unrepaired tank at repair workshop. tune up the tank engine, repair its parts, put the engine oil, charge the battery, fill it up with gasoline, scan it to reconnect the wires, tight the tanks nuts and bolts with screwdriver, put the water into radiator and at the end wash it to make it looks clean and workable and become a super tank simulator. enjoy an ultimate experience of repairing, welding, tuning and washing multi wheeled american, croatian, russian, british, australian and french tanks in this adventurous tank wash & repair workshop mechanic game. fixing, modifying and washing has never been so interesting before. this is the best and time killing app for the teenagers who are passionate and have a keen interest in the field of mechanical engineering. so enter in to the repair shop, pick up the upgraded mechanical tools, start repairing and washing the stained monster tank at wash and repair workshop (tank arena) to be a super tank mechanic pro. tank wash & repair workshop game includes two activities (tank services) i-e repairing and washing. in repair service you will be performing all daring mechanical tasks where as in wash service you will be cleaning and rinsing the crashed dirty tank. start performing the mechanical service (repairing and washing) by selecting the most defected and spoilt stainy multi-wheel vehicle (tank) from 4 different countries war tank, so that they join the great tank battle (battlefield) and able to win the war of tanks. these modern and advanced tanks include american tank (m1a1 abrams), croatian tank (m-95 degman), russian tank (t55 soviet) and french tank (amx-13). how to play: repairing service: hammer the dented parts of the tank to get it back in shape take the welder to joint these smashed parts use wd-40 (penetrating spray) to remove the rust tight the loose tire screws & nuts with the help of wrench put the oil in the tank engine to make it perform its vital function charge the battery of tank use x-ray machine to scan the problems/defects under the hood, related to wiring and later repair them pump the ac gas clean the leaked engine using cloth cleaner/handkerchief light up the torch to see if you done your job well washing service: use soap to clean/remove the stinky tank rinse/wash it with shower take the roller brush to make it sparkling and tidy clean the oil leakage with oil cleaner top 5 game features four fully equipped & grave digger tanks realistic wash & repair workshop excavator tank simulation interesting & addictive mechanic app amazing graphics excellent sound effects if you are tired of car wash games or truck wash games then this game is the perfect worth-downloading option for you. so lets fix up the internal defects of scratched tank and make it brand new at wash and repair workshop by playing one of the best tank games to be the skilled tank hero.

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