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Verbal Volley® Vocabulary Game Report

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Verbal Volley® Vocabulary Game

Verbal volley for ipad is a virtual replica of the verbal volley card game-- winner of two dr. toy awards and the academic's choice brain toy award. first, players or teams frantically race to name synonyms and antonyms for words they see and hear.next up is the brain freeze round. its like a game of hot potato played with words. dont get stuck with the brain, or you lose points! verbal volley was designed by a speech pathologist, an elementary school teacher, and a professor emeritus in neurodevelopmental pediatrics at washington university school of medicine.as few as two players can face-off over the ipad, or two large teams can compete in the classroom board mode. features: *uses 280 high-frequency and concept words that are important to literacy *evidence-based design applies research into vocabulary acquisition, retention and retrieval *incorporates expanded spaced retrieval of newly learned vocabulary concepts to help store them in long-term memory *unique open-ended design brings players face-to-face for discussion and for expressive vocabulary use, rather than vocabulary identification alone. *choice of timed play or play without time pressure *choice of speech on or off *choice of text background color in classroom board mode *different levels of pre-selected word lists which address national and state language arts standards *custom word-list-making capability *ability to store or email lists of words won by players *suitable for school tournaments. *thesaurus link promotes active learning *tested in numerous schools, and in a research university department of communication sciences and disorders *compatible with british spelling reviews of the verbal volley game which verbal volley for ipad replicates: who knew synonyms and antonyms could be so much fun? like a fast-paced tennis match, players bounce words back and forth (hot - scorching, steamy, burning, like an oven, spicy, molten you get the idea). what starts as a simple word game turns into an intense verbal battle. play against one opponent or match wits in a team vs. team showdown. created by language and neuroscience experts, verbal volley is so much fun, youll forget it has a learning component as you battle to have the last word . . .remark, comment, utterance . . - amy carney bevins, washington family magazine "i use this in my 4th grade classroom for free time. it's always the game to be grabbed off the shelf. little do they know they are developing their vocabulary and word usage skills for writing! i highly recommend it to other teachers! " -academics' choice award reviewer "i'm a homeschooler and i use verbal volley to sharpen my children's vocabulary and quick-thinking skills. after playing this game for a couple months, i have found it is much easier for my children to come up with and articulate specific words when doing their writing assignments." -academics' choice award reviewer "i've had great feedback. the teachers have enjoyed using it with students, who gravitate toward it. it's versatile. kids also can use the game to help with creative writing pieces. these games are an outlet for new and exciting vocabulary for their writing." -denise pupillo, coordinator of gifted services for parkway schools we did a march madness verbal volley tournament it was a tremendous success.merritt island appreciates the impact this has had on our school. we sincerely hope to see increased test scores for our students; and we have certainly seen an increase in the engagement of our students while learning advanced academic vocabulary. - jocelyn downs, literacy coach, brevard county schools, florida

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