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Volley Lite

featured by apple in the app store worldwide: - new and noteworthy - what's hot! - staff favorites - startpage banner in every country! "volleys physics are excellent. this is a cute but repetitive game. it looks great and plays well and its certainly fun." macworld.com "... its a cute and fun game to play." smokingapples.com "volley boasts slick graphics and old school style sound effects, and challenging gameplay that should have you playing for hours at a time." appsafari.com "volley is good game play for those moments when you simply want to while away the time. so the next time boredom strikes, its serve, hit and volley!" iphonefootprint.com "it's so simple and quick that it gets addictive. when a game can last for 1 minute or 1 second, it keeps me coming. if you're looking for a casual game that you can quickly play in a 3 min break, try this. i won't stopuntil i defeat the last blob!" appfreakblog.com note: this is the lite version of volley. only the first 4 levels are playable! volley is a fast paced multi-touch ball game where you have to slide, jump, smash and trick to win against sixteen super-skilled opponents. beat the opponent to reach the next level. the higher the levels the harder the opponents. if you like slimevolley you will love volley. what makes volley different from the other volleyball and slimevolley-games on the appstore is it's fine-grained collision detection, it's superior responsiveness, correct physics, a fast gameplay and the 16 levels with a well balanced ai for a rich gaming experience. and the best of all is the usage of apple's multi-touch technology to move a player by sliding instead of pushing buttons. features: - slide-control using multi-touch (works really perfect) - 16 levels with increasing opponent skills - single game or endless game - swap controls (control the movement of the player with your left or your right hand) - very nice graphics (every level has different graphics) - quick and easy gameplay check out the website for more infos and a gameplay movie.

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