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Warrior Rise Dragon Hunter 3D Report

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Warrior Rise Dragon Hunter 3D

Mysterious and horrifying dragons have attacked on your realm, stop them from massive disaster and bloodshed and strive hard to be a dungeon huntsman. your city needs a supernatural hero to hunt down the dangerous beast dragon warrior. monstrous and menacing dragons are setting down to assault. vanquish warrior predators with high tech sniper 3d loader six-guns and win a lifetime legendary hunter trophy in this rise warrior dragon hunter 3d game. story combat of slayer and hero! warrior dragons which only exists in nightmares, now they rule their own dragon city. shoot to dead down the hazardous creature until they reach to their final destination. hunt magical species and their vast ancestors with high professional 3d guns. varnish the non-stop rising world of deadly sins dragon. be careful from the brutal predator vision. aim to shoot the vicious carnivorous dragon quest in the battleground. show your efforts to slay the rise of beasts in this brave life adventurous mission. collect hundreds of jewel by killing flying dragons. challenging warriors war gang of wildest dragons crave lifeblood! you are cruel monster hunter and predator monsters are no more in dungeon. most treacherous and risky mission is about to start, prove yourself as a gladiator and hero to hunt dragons down. practice your precise headshots and gunshots in this rise warrior dragon hunter 3d game. use different professional hunting props like assault rifles and sniper sharp shooter to hunt a lord of dragon. encounter these epic jurassic knight dragon using fully efficient machine guns in this strategic shooting missions. come to be a marvelous hunting legend, make an example of mankind rejoice glory and victory. stopover the rise of dragons hunt or be hunted! destroy and stop rise of giants, flying and ground dragons. it is glorious wild chase dragon hunting assault extreme mission. kill to finish off the powerful fire breathing dragons, halt the rise of warrior dragons for survival or take your last breath. top 10 features of dragon hunter fps free game realistic and addictive wilderness dragon hunting hunter take the accurate aim to dead down eradicator dragons heroic thrilling dragon knights hunting different monsters in each level adventurous killing challenges clear 3d vision zoom in sniper for shooting accuracy superb sound effects exclusive hd graphics greatest free dragon hunting game how to play select your target zoom in for precision targeting use your sniper shooting 3d shotgun swipe your figure to move left, right use shooting button to attack

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