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Zombie Burst

Minimum requirements: iphone 3gs or higher and ipod touch 3rd generation or higher. ---------- the world's water supply has been contaminated causing 99% of humankind to turn into pimple headed-like zombies! you, a remaining survivor had an adverse affect. you now have freakishly strong hands that allow you to burst zombie skulls; pulverizing them into undead dust. be warned! it will be no easy task. with each burst, green gooey zombie brain bits splatter across the screen impairing your vision, forcing you to wipe the goo as you continue to fight your way out of chicago! each zombie bite cracks your screen. three bites make you zombie chow. zombie burst is addictive fun. the 2d hand-drawn old school reminiscent story takes you back to a time when you spent your afternoons in an arcade. a time when a plastic gun or joystick attached to a large box was the only access you had to video games. the days when you dreamed of taking that giant arcade box and putting it in your bedroom so you could play every morning before school. the days when video games came on cartridges. and now, you can regain that feeling and think fondly of those days as you zombie burst away! ---------- ***reviews*** "this game brings the art of killing zombies to a new level." - geared for gamers "the graphics are beautifully hand-drawn, with impressive animations and personality for the zombies." - gamedynamo "it is as addictive as bubble-wrap and it is deceptively challenging." - geeky pleasures "i love love love zombies and these little guys are awesome!" - toronto thumbs "zombie burst is a new mobile game specifically developed for ios devices that combines two of america’s favorite past times, killing zombies and popping zits." - new gamer nation "i started playing this app last night and i couldn't stop playing it." - geeky girl reviews ---------- ***features*** experience gritty hand drawn artwok. laugh as dry humored narrative story cards take you on an adventure through 10 levels, each with its own unique background. watch zombies in action during short original animations. yes, you can wipe the goo off the screen! there’s plenty of gooey gameplay to make this game a bursting good time! enjoy wickedly chilling original music. there are 4 zombie skull sizes to burst. *brains (introduced in level 1) is your basic zombie. he has average speed and one squeeze to his head will kill him. *pea head (introduced in level 2) has the smallest skull size of our zombies but he is also the fastest. a simple tap, slice or pinch to his head will kill him. *gallon (introduced in level 5) has a skull size that is 50% larger than the average zombie. it takes three squeezes to the head in order to kill him. *dome (introduced in the final level) has the largest skull size of any zombie. just keep squeezing until his brains explode (that is...if you can catch him)! don't forget to check out the characters section on the home menu for more information about each zombie! blow up your enemies and clear goo with mrs. o’leary’s lantern bomb ($0.99 in-app purchase). keep it forever, but use it wisely as you will only be able to launch it once per level. bonus levels and your feedback inspired updates coming soon! ---------- we at catfoster media believe everyone should burst a zombie skull at least once in his or her lifetime. we've now made that possible. you're welcome. ---------- like us: https://www.facebook.com/zombieburst follow us: http://twitter.com/#!/zombieburst official site: http://zombieburst.com/ ---------- appboy privacy policy https://www.appboy.com/privacy#registered appboy terms https://www.appboy.com/terms

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