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Zoola Animals Deluxe - Animal Game For Baby And Toddlers Report

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Zoola Animals Deluxe - Animal Game For Baby And Toddlers

More then 500,000 kids from all over the world fell in love with "zoola animals". for all the animal lovers, the adorable animals now come alive - talk, eat, sleep, play, dress up with funny costumes and turns the virtual zoo into an endless fun-festival. all this fun is accompanied with dozens of classical themes you will find yourself humming for a long time.  the app is broken down into 4 categories: farm animals, safari animal, forest animals and water animals. your child can easily navigate between categories at the bottom of the app through a tool bar. in each category 9 pictures of various animals will be available for selection for each animals the following 4 activities will be available: get to know me: ******************* once an animals is selected, a new screen will be opened in which your child will hear a dubbing of the animal name and watch a short animation of the animal making it's sound. feed me ********* in this section your child can feed the animal with it's favorite food by dragging three different food types. the animal will happily chew the food and eventually make it's sound to thank your child for feeding him. nurse me *********** in this section your child can take care of the cute baby animal by dragging varied objects (dummy, bottle of milk, teethers, fluffy toy…) to relax the little creature. while the baby enjoys the given object, soft classical music is played at the background. testing the app by kids in varies ages showed that this section was the kid's favorite. no wonder…. even adults will not stay indifferent to a fluffy little tiger sucking on a dummy, a sweet lamb drinking milk from a bottle and many more heart melting creatures. dress me ********** in this section your child can dress the animal with funny costumes by drugging 3 fun accessories. this section makes kids laugh again and again as they see the gentle raccoon dress up as a policeman, the chubby sheep dressed as ballet dancer, the cats as bride and gown and many many more. while you child dress up the animals, a happy and danceable classical theme will be played at the background. "zoola animals deluxe" also includes 12 animal puzzles and fun animal dressing game, enabling your child to keep engaging with the adorable animals. "zoola animals deluxe" suits a wide range of ages. toddlers and young children can get to know the animals, learn their names, listen to the sound they make and enjoy the great music. older kids can use the advanced features and interact with the animals by feeding, nursing and dressing them   the app's simplistic layout and ease-of-use guarantee your child will be entertained. it’s extremely kid-friendly and easy to use. just tap into this wonderful and fun educational opportunity. we hope your kids would find this game fun and educational. we would love to hear comment and suggestion at zoolaapps@gmail.com we will answer any mail rapidly. animals included in the app: farm animals: dog, cat, rabbit, horse, sheep, cow, pig, chicken. duck safari animals: lion, leopard, zebra, monkey, elephant, giraffe, ostrich, hippopotamus, rhino forest animals: fox, bear, raccoon, lemur, squirrel, tiger, panda bear, deer, wolf water animals: dolphin, penguin, whale, fish, seal, swan, goose, pelican, polar bear

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