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'My Friend Fluffy' - Educational "Wordless" Storytelling Puzzle App For Kids. Report

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'My Friend Fluffy' - Educational

Welcome to voazoa inc.- #1 gamified picture book app developer. our book is designed to give another level of learning experience to readers. voazoa inc’s app is proven to accelerate children’s creativity and concentration. “my friend fluffy” is a “wordless” storytelling app, developing creativity in children while enjoying various story-related activities. (5-12 years old) “my friend fluffy” improves children’s -creativity -cognitive skills -language proficiency -concentration collaborate with your kids with these 3 steps! -ask your kids, “what is the story about?” -listen to their thoughts. -share you childhood memories(about your favorite toys and things). "my friend fluffy" makes fun, warm and beautiful stories, with subject matter of love and affection familiar to children. we all have things which we have emotional attachment to. this attachment helps lead children into a world of observation and imagination. emotional attachment surprisingly stimulates realistic understanding and dream-like imagination. by introducing emotional attachment to people and things, children can understand reality, dream about the future, and form a sense of self. -rury lee, author about the illustrator, nozomi takahashi was born in 1988 in japan and studied illustration and packaging design. his first work was 'hedgehog egg' in france, and 'my friend fluffy' was published as a paperback book by publisher 'bookgoodcome' in korea. about voazoa voazoa's team of designers and developers work together with art education experts to create apps that parents can trust. we strive to create apps that are fun, promote creativity, and foster an environment where children can receive praise and encouragement from, and share feelings with, their parents.

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