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- Negative

Negative combines rhythm movements and mind reading! cover your move, bury it deep in you hand, watch opponent’s moments, and react when the time is right! multiplayer game from the old days comes back in modern graphic. world wide online! - description - negative is a mind refreshing nostalgic game. combining modern elements, graphic, and the same-old game play. use your skills and devise strategic plans to over come your friends. the technology of ios brought back to life the well known human-reaction game featuring multitouch interface. negative is simple, move with the rhythm and delete your opponent.however, choosing between watching your opponent’s move or striking on your will, is not easy. - features - - universal and available for every ios 7 devices - real time battle for 2 players - auto online match making - computer battle to test you skill - quick & clear match - hand crafted animations and sounds - about - negative was inspired by a recreation game we plays when multitouch devices don’t exist. back there the game was named “top-pea-charge”. the purpose was to spread the culture of off-device gaming and such a “forth-wall-gaming was created”. pisit (bliss) wetchaye is a student trying to craft his own games and slowly achieving that goal. negative is the first video games published. feel free to say hi twitter.com/@blyscuit confusians.com twitter.com/@confusians confusian.lab@gmail.com

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