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10 In 1 - Puzzle Mania Report

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10 In 1 - Puzzle Mania

10 in 1 puzzle mania consist of below puzzle games. 1) 4 pics saying something. 2) 100 tiles 1 pic 1 word 3) just four colors 4) can you connect the dots? 5) killer sudoku ultimate 6) do you know math? 7) rescue bob 8) you guessed it right 9) 3j - 3 card games 10) bubbles! shoot me single iap will unlock all the features!!!!! below are game details: 1) 4 pics saying something: this game consist of 125 levels. each level has 4 pictures and you need to guess common in all those 4 pictures. 2) 100 tiles 1 pic 1 word: this game has beautiful 100 levels. for each level picture is divided in 100 parts & some of parts are hidden. can you guess what picture is behind that. 3) just four colors: it's already proved that you can color any map using just four color so that no adjacent region has same color. and now it's time to prove it... are you ready for the challenge 50 beautiful design and full of challenging levels. 4) can you connect the dots? : this is fun family game. rules are very simple that you need to connect the dots of same color. but, it's race against the time. you have to reach the target score in specific time. connect bigger chain to get more points quickly. are you ready to join the fun ride. why wait then..just install the app and play the cool game. 5) killer sudoku ultimate: are you bore with classic sudoku? want to play something new? here come the modern sudoku known as killer sudoku. killer sudoku is known as one of the most challenging form of sudoku. please go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/killer_sudoku for more information. killer sudoku follow all the rules of sudoku but here instead of board filled with some numbers, sum of block is given. use "give up" option to see solution of a problem to understand it more. so are you ready for challenge??? 6) do you know math: "do you know math" is full of fun & fast-paced mathematics game. application covers questions from different areas like addition, subtraction, ratio, percentage etc. list of books: 1) addition 2) subtraction 3) addition/subtraction word problems 4) multiplication 5) division 6) multiplication/division word problems 7) mixed 8) equations 9) gcd/lcm 10) average, largest, smallest 11) time & distance 12) percentage & ratio rescue bob: rescue bob is one of the most challenging full of action and puzzle game you ever played. bob is stuck in the magic world. he needs 3 keys to come out from each magic world. but bob has visibility problem. he can't see whole world at same time. bob can only see one tile in left, right , up & down direction. can you help the bob to collect all 3 keys and unlock the magic door? play 80 level fulls of action and fun. 8) you guessed it right: you guess it right is one the most challenging word game. you have just 9 chances to find the word which is randomly selected by computer. once you enter your guess, computer will tell you how many letters are common in your word and actual word. also, how many letters are at correct place but not which letters. can you find the correct word in just 9 chances. 9) 3j - 3 card gamewhy always house has more advantage? it's time to beat 3 dealers 3j ( john, jack & jill) in their own game. with lot of twist, we are presenting you new 3 card game. its simple, fun and full of entertainment. now you have flexibility to see 2 cards of each player and decide your next move. you can double your bet if you think you have good chance to win. no internet connection needed. play from anywhere anytime. compete against million of players in game center. it's time to try your luck. best of luck. 10) bubbles! shoot me: bubbles! blow me is one of the most addictive which should have been on your device. throw ball to match color of 3 or more balls to destory them. destroy all balls to clear the level. but wait, you don't have the unlimited time. you need to do that in just 3 minutes

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