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Cartoon Safari Runner - 3D Animal Escape The African Zoo Hunter Free Game Report

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Cartoon Safari Runner - 3D Animal Escape The African Zoo Hunter Free Game

◉◉ cartoon safari runner ◉◉ ◉◉ 3d animal escape the african zoo hunter free game ◉◉ escape from the hunter through the jungle in this safari animal game! a new zoo is about to open in town and it wants to have the most feared animals. a perverted hunter travels to africa to find the best animals for the zoo. don’t let him catch the animals in a great racing game through the jungle and african tribes! choose between one of the four available animals and have fun with their funny presentation! the lion has the power and agility of a boxer, the hippopotamus adapts to any surface, the hippie elephant is totally fearless and the bengal tiger is the fastest! the evil hunter will chase you so you’ll have to run very fast and precisely so that he doesn’t catch you! be a skilled animal and dodge all the obstacles coming on your way! safari buses, 4x4 jeeps, drums, skulls, etc., can make your escape more difficult but the jungle is yours and nobody can master it better than you! collect all the coins you see on your road to obtain upgrades and improvements in the game! make also sure to collect all the hams you see as they will allow you to keep playing and make your games last longer! keep your eyes wide open as in the african jungle many surprises can appear! use the amazing power-ups that include boosts to go faster and smash everything on your way, the magnets to attract all the coins to you and the point’s multiplier that gives you many more points! he adventure does not end here as there are also many funny missions to complete in this amazing animal game! complete them one by one and make sure to complete them all to entirely finish the game and to be the strongest animal of the jungle! features of this safari game: ◉ amazing cartoon graphics! ◉ very funny animals! ◉ amazing gameplay! ◉ endless safari game for kids! ◉ worldwide leaderboards! ◉ surprises and upgrades! ◉ funny missions! ◉ entertaining music! ◉ free safari game! if you love animal games we are sure this one will be your favourite! compete against friends, beat your own high scores and recommend this game! it is adapted to all ages! don't wait any longer to live your african adventure and download this game! we're hoping to receive your comments about the game! laugh, enjoy and run with the safari game of the moment!

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