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Blackjack Saloon - Gambling N' Dueling In The Old West Report

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Blackjack Saloon - Gambling N' Dueling In The Old West

Blackjack saloon is a fun mashup of blackjack (21) and dueling in the old west! it's the best dern gamblin' house in town. rustle up some coin, bet the ranch and duel that yella-bellied, shifty-eyed, no good cheatin' fool! see a preview at: http://tiny.cc/bj-youtube here's at jack's saloon, twenty-one is the game. we play classic, no limit blackjack and we have an open seat for ya. pull up a chair, light yerself a stogie, and lay down yer coin. here in our town we got dancin' girls, booze and the best cards west of the mississip. face off against a motley crew of cussin' cowpokes, prospectors, widder women and no-good cattle rustlers mean enough to hunt bears with a hick'ry switch. be careful though, if'n ya caught grinnin' like a jack ass eatin' cactus, ya might find yerself drawin' pistols at ten paces. win... and ya get their gold. lose... well, let's just say ya shouldn't be diggin' for water under the outhouse. blackjack saloon is the best blackjack game in years to hit the iphone. download it today!! features of blackjack saloon: • easy to play • minimal ads and never in gameplay (we don't need to whore you out while you play) • daily bonuses • track your stats • enjoy a custom deck with high-res cards featuring real historical photos • authentic music and sound effects • a beautiful, uncluttered interface o swipe to pass - just like in the casino o tap once to hit - just like in the casino o double tap to double down o tap three times to split • five decks of cards to minimize shuffling • reasonable prices to buy more chips • natural blackjack pays 3:2 • protect your winnings from duels by keeping it in the bank exclusively for the iphone 4s, 5, 5s, and 6/6+ ps. don't squat with yer spurs on! __________________________ please feel free to send any bug reports to: bjbuglist@opieproductions.com and if you have a great idea for an addition, please email us: bjsuggest@opieproductions.com please visit us on the web at www.opieproductions.com. thank you for supporting us.

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