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Dice Chucker - Dice Roller Report

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Dice Chucker - Dice Roller

Your dice, when and where you need them most! this is the coolest dice rolling app currently available on the app store! customize your dice selection, tune the force of gravity (for faster or slower rolls), allow the orientation of the phone to affect how the dice roll, and see your dice rolling history in detail or as graphed statistics. features: - roll just about any combination of dice - allows percentile rolls, calculating percentages - never forget what you rolled - keeps a history of your rolls - discover your historical performance - shows statistics of your roll results - adjust the pull of gravity (for faster or slower rolls) - turn on accelerometers - tilting the phone affects the dice roll back in 2011, we met a director/writer team, working on a short film, natural 20. it's a boy meets girl film about an intriguing group of friends who get together to play dungeons & dragons. it won best humor film at comic con 2012. they wanted an app that's inspired by the app used in the film. well, we already built that app... it's called dungeon whisper. this app, is a fun little side project, born of that collaboration. we hope you enjoy it. watch the natural 20 trailer, if you have a second, you won't regret it: http://youtu.be/tkrqst98oue (search for "natural 20 comiccon 2012" on youtube.)

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