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Epic Animals Word Search - Giant Wildlife Wordsearch (Ad-Free) Report

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Epic Animals Word Search - Giant Wildlife Wordsearch (Ad-Free)

It's the furriest word search you'll ever meet and want to tickle the tummy of! with over 1,600 words in a massive 120x120 grid, there's no room left to swing a cat! use two fingers to scroll around the massive grid, then drag with one finger to highlight a word. zoom out at any time to see a summary of your progress. the puzzle is arranged as 16 themed sections, each containing around 100 words. to solve the entire thing, you'll have to go "eww" at creepy crawlies and "aww" at baby animals, visit the depths of the ocean and make a whole bunch of animal noises. earn game center achievements along the way and compare your progress to others on the global leaderboard. epic animals word search was compiled from user submissions in word search party, also by lightwood games. like our record-besting game word search 10k, it has been hand-crafted to form one continuous puzzle with words in every direction. if you have any questions or comments please send an email to support@lightwoodgames.com. we cannot reply to you if you leave messages in your reviews, so please contact us first if you’re having any problems. thanks, and .... look out... a snaaaaaaake!

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