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Ghost Hunter Hd - Defense Castle And Tower From Ghost Ship Attack Report

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Ghost Hunter Hd - Defense Castle And Tower From Ghost Ship Attack

100% discount starting from labour day. check it now before too late!!! ******* have you play tower defence game before? are you a fan of zombie or ghost games and enjoy killing them with your own finger? are you looking for a new smashing game, which is as awesome as the game zombie smash ant smash or ninja parashooting? for a new year with lucks, we are bringing to you an outstanding game with a lot ghost to make the year more wonderful and freakier, “ghost hunter - defense castle and tower from ghost ship attack”. you are a super wizard with a special mission. you have to protect the castle from the attack of thousands and thousands ghosts. only the power of great wizard can save the castle. be careful, this game is very addictive! features -it’s the game for everyone -cute ghosts and cool background -great graphic and stunning sound effects -it’s the 20 levels game with multiple different challenges increased by each level how to play -use your finger to throw and swipe out ghosts, which are on the way to the castle. -be quick and smash them quickly before they hit the castle. -the castle guard power is different for each level -there are many different types of ghosts. each type of ghost has its own speed and hit points (= endurance), so you need a strategy to kill them all. -we know it is difficult for gamer. therefore, we let you try as many times as you want (no live limit, no purchase needed too). -be patient, be fast and protect the castle from 20 waves of attacks by hundreds of ghosts from the ghost ship. -capture the screenshot when you complete the game and sent to us. we will give you a new year gift as a reward for trying out game. contact us if you are already or become a fan of this game, “like” us on our facebook or visit our website for the latest news: http://www.facebook.com/supercoolappteam http://www.bestappsforphone.com last, but not least, thank you for your playing!!! super cool app team * legal disclaimer: any content, including but not limited to, images, text, sound bytes, phrases, logos, names, titles, not owned by super cool app team belongs to their respected owners. we do not take credit nor claim to take credit for any of said content. any content used is used at a fan-base stand point. we simply provide free positive advertising. if you for any reason own content produced by super cool app team and do not wish to receive, no-obligation, free advertising to your fans, contact us immediately with the proper documentation to prove the material is yours and we will remove it upon request. if you want specific credit like your name/website/business/etc to be advertised we will do that as well. there is no need to take legal action, we will respect the owners wishes, just contact us first. any content used without permission does follow under sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law title 17, u. s. code. fair use section 107 document fl-102, however we respect our users and producers therefore we will remove it upon request like stated above. all content not owned by super cool app team belongs to their respected owners. support them in any way you can. this application is not an officially licensed product and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. this application is an unofficial fan based application.

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