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Penguins Story - Winter Island Holiday Report

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Penguins Story - Winter Island Holiday

Doctor, come quick! these penguins need your help! rescue four adorable penguins from the cold as you treat their illness and dress their wounds. they're freezing to death out here and need your expertise right away! hurry, doctor, and make them well again! all four penguins need to be rescued from out in the cold. are they penguins from madagascar? nobody knows, they don't talk very much! either way, it's time to get these guys feeling better. four different treatment rooms let you patch up the black and white birdies one by one. once they're all healed and ready to go, you can take them to the dress up room and give them a brand new look! add penguin hats, shoes, dresses, shirts, accessories and much more. no penguin's day is complete without a stylish outfit to wear out on the ice! features: - rescue four cute penguins from the cold and snow. - use four different treatment rooms to nurse them back to health. - a dress up room to give healthy penguins a fun makeover! how to play: - use the touch screen to rescue penguins from the arctic. - treat their wounds and give them medicine so they get better. - take healthy animals into the dress up room for fun outfits! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ join our fanpage on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/girls-games-inc/1490269741243531 or follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/girlsgamesinc if you want to check us out, see our website: www.girlsgamesinc.com

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