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Periodic Table Of Elements Quiz - Element Study Buddy Report

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Periodic Table Of Elements Quiz - Element Study Buddy

Hone your skills young jedi... harness the power of this app and sharpen your knowledge of the periodic table of elements easier than ever before. never again will you be caught off guard in a time of element-knowledge-need. avoid those awkward moments in conversation when you couldn't remember that 49 is the atomic number for indium. impress girls with your ability to name any element... at any time... on demand....like a boss! learn, study, or memorize the periodic table like a boss?... this app is a must have. clean, well designed, and intuitive to use. this is simply technology put to good use. features - - fun pic/quiz format - color coded elements for enhanced memory excellence - in-app ask your friends feature - all 118 updated/current elements

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