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Sea Animals - Jigsaw Puzzle Learning For Infant Kids & Toddlers Report

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Sea Animals - Jigsaw Puzzle Learning For Infant Kids & Toddlers

- play an amazing jigsaw puzzle packed with pictures to put together! - great way to educate and brain train for your kids and baby. - pictures include all sorts of marine life, such as whales and jelly fish. train your brain and educate your kids and baby, all while they play a game! sea animal jigsaw puzzle for kids and toddlers is a fun marine, whale and fish themed picture puzzle game that's the perfect excuse to get an education while having a good time. help your kids and your baby learn about the marine world one puzzle at a time. they'll have such a good time solving jigsaw pictures with jelly fish they won't even realize they're getting an education! each jigsaw puzzle starts as a jumble of pieces laying around the screen. move the shapes around with the touch screen, placing each one in the right position. the goal is to assemble everything so it forms a complete image. in sea animal jigsaw puzzle, that image will be something from the marine world, like a whale, jelly fish or an ocean wave! your kids and your baby will spend so much time trying to solve the puzzle, they'll automatically learn what the animal is called, training their brain in an instant! your children can assemble tons of different jigsaw picture puzzles featuring pictures of marine life, whales, jelly fish and much more. they'll be having so much fun they won't realize they're learning to deal with the world by recognizing shapes and patterns and figureing out how they all fit together to form a larger picture. it's an amazingly effective way to give your kids a good education while they have fun! features: - a bright, colorful jigsaw puzzle with tons of pictures to put together. - awesome marine theme with whales, jelly fish and more! - tons of picture puzzles to assemble, one piece at a time. - easy to use with smart touch screen controls. - a great way to train and challenge your baby and kid's brain. how to play: - use the touch controls to move jigsaw pieces on the screen. - fit the pieces together to complete a level. - finish each jigsaw puzzle for a great picture! come visit our website here! www.skycastleapps.com or check out our news and updates on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/sky-castle-apps-inc/361859203990526

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