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Wings Galaxy: Space Exploration (New) Report

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Wings Galaxy: Space Exploration (New)

[check out wings earth 2.5: flight simulator experience for some "down to earth" flying] the much awaited updated wings galaxy is here! you must prepare your iphone for wings galaxy: this app pushes the iphone to its limits. after you install wings galaxy, reboot your iphone and enjoy the ultimate space experience! wings galaxy has garnered impressive reviews from initial users: "this is truly unique. it's not just a game or a sim." "every once in a while an app comes along that really impresses you. wings galaxy is that game." "i really like the graphics." "after playing wings earth, i was really hoping you would make a space exploration game." "one of the few games i can actually play more than once and still have fun." "if you sell this for less than five bucks, this will be the best value on the app store." "finally a game that's not another bad port from a game console. this is so much better." "challenging enough to keep me interested, but not impossible to master." three modes of play: campaign mode - determine your mission through clues given and complete quests in breathtaking galaxies. timed mission - beat your best time by repeating missions and gain bragging rights to share with your friends. explore - fully appreciate and explore wings galaxy's ethereal realm without the pressure of crashing or scores. wings galaxy takes the wings apps to a whole new level with substantially greater game content enhanced by a rich custom music score intended to evoke a completely immersive intergalactic experience. players will be dazzled with minute attention to details embedded in every aspect of game from the splendid graphics and effects to the expanded exploration grid and mission objectives. earn your badge as a bona-fide space cowboy as you navigate treacherous asteroids and initiate hyper-space jump drives in your efforts to mine trillium and rescue distressed ships... ready to come aboard? read on: music: play your own ipod music or enjoy 10 custom tracks by atomicon. wings apps are known for their excellent music. wings galaxy is no exception. challenging and fun: wings is a space exploration adventure that lets you zoom through galaxies, make zero gravity turns and rolls, float through valleys on alien planets, make base landings and more. it's an interactive experience that you can play again and again either to improve your score or just relax and enjoy the amazing graphics. you must determine your missions through clues given. virtual worlds: full 3d rendering engine, models and photo-realistic galaxies. variety: wings doesn’t just give you a virtual world. it gives you four different galaxies and four completely unique planets to explore. customize: go to the wings galaxy section of your main device settings screen to customize wings galaxy. not a gamer?: no problem. unlike any other iphone game, wings galaxy has an option that allows you to relax and enjoy exploring alien worlds and galaxies without the pressure of game play. just have a few minutes to kill or want to zone out and get your mind off the day, fire up the explore mode. devices supported: all iphones and ipods who should try wings? gamers, non-gamers, people who want to relax, anyone who has ever wanted to fly, space and aviation enthusiasts, anyone who wanted to go to space camp as a kid, if you like star trek, star wars, space movies, nasa, if you know what bsg means, if you don't know what bsg means, 3d enthusiasts and anyone looking for the next cool app. x-plane 9 for pilot training. santa wings for some hilarious fun. wings 2 (wings earth) to see where it all began. languages: english, italian, french, spanish, german, dutch and japanese. bottle rocket: proud makers of fine apps: voxie, gasbuddy, proxy pal, wings, wings earth, overnight, zip finder, gas buddy, santa wings, mistletoe, gps 3g and voice valentines. go to www.bottlerocketapps.com to learn more about us.

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