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Escape The Planet Invasion Report

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Escape The Planet Invasion

We are under invasion, and its your job to hold out, against the odds, to give the alliance planet defence network time to mobilise. you can do this by keeping the enemies focused on you, rather than other planets, for as long as possible by outwitting and out manoeuvring them on screen. although you are out gunned, out numbered, and out just about everything else, you do have two advantages. the life regenerator that heals your space ship - look for this one on screen designated by the heart symbol. the teleporter tool teleports the enemies into the middle of the nearest sun, but due to the immense power required can only be used sparingly. when you see the blue particle on screen direct your spaceship to it to activate its powers! the game features great music, and loads of fun. there is two game modes, arcade for quick endless action, and chapter mode, where you can battle it out in a serious of ever more difficult levels. share your progress on facebook and twitter, and get your score in the global leaderboard if you are good enough! download escape the planet invasion today!

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