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Hex Reactor

Unleash the power! connect chains of hexagons on the grid to set up increasingly massive chain reactions. complete a chain and watch as the hexes detonate in a spectacular display of light and sound. chains are the new "connect 3" no longer do you just "connect 3." now you must connect 3, then 4, then 5, then until you can't connect any more. simple rules. endless depth. connect hexes of the same color that are 2 spaces away to form chains. once a hex is used in a chain it becomes gray. gray hexes like this count as any color, but you can't start with a gray hex and you can't select 2 gray hexes in a row. but if you create a "flower" of gray hexes, they turn back into colored hexes! so colored hexes make gray hexes, gray hexes help you make longer chains, chains in turn create more gray hexes, and gray hexes turn back into color hexes. its all one big cycle! and its up to you to manage that cycle to set up as many chains as you can! multiple game modes - get to know the game with normal mode! - test your chaining skills in meltdown mode! - put your speed to the test in surge mode! deep scoring system to compare yourself to others using a mix of multipliers and end bonuses, the scoring system has been finely crafted to ensure the best players get the highest scores. play to a new beat incorporating a completely original soundtrack, the game makes use of driving rhythms and catch melodies to accent the action on screen. sound effects have been meticulously crafted to provide a distinct feel to the game, with the explosion sound of the hexes being a particular highlight!. achievements test your skills with an assortment of achievements ranging from straightforward ones like reaching a certain chain, to more interesting achievements like eliminating all of a color! designed for iphone and ipod. will scale to fit ipad.

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