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Hex Slide 1,000 Report

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Hex Slide 1,000

Watch the game play video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rx5ecl0d88 note this is the free version of hex slide, which contains 1,000 levels of beginner and intermediate difficulty. once you've mastered some of these, try hex slide 10,000. it is only $0.99 and it contains 10,000 levels, including lots of advanced and expert levels. ********************** do you like hex? we certainly do! if you are ready for some absolutely mind-blowing hex, then you'll want to check out hex slide 1,000 and hex slide 10,000, the sliding puzzle games featuring hexagonal shapes and a phenomenal number of unique levels -- to our knowledge more levels than any other game in the app store. we've asked around and we know that the puzzle game player of today is looking for something different, something with real hex appeal. in fact, there's a hexual revolution going on, and the rules of the game have changed. previously, images of finished wood pieces sliding across a beautifully rendered board were rarely seen on the app store, and even then they often weren't downloaded because people felt so hexually repressed. but nowadays people talk openly about hex. almost everyone has read the joy of hex, or has at least looked at the pictures. parents talk about hex with their kids, about how some shapes have six sides, not always four, and how that's perfectly natural. people want to feel hexy. there's no shame in that. of course, we've played our share of sliding block games that use a plain old square grid. we don't deny that those can be fun and we certainly wouldn't talk badly about those games (to do so would be hexist). but we can't seem to get our minds off of hex. try a few levels for yourself and you'll see that once you get started you just can't get enough hex. and finally, we've heard that some people are concerned about hex. they worry that hex may be addictive (these are often the same people who warn against hex before marriage). well, we admit that we've met people, young and old, who can't put hex slide down once they start playing. but we are confident that you will act responsibly and practice safe hex. above all, remember that there's a law against hex while driving, and for good reason! game features: * 1,000 unique levels in free version; 10,000 unique levels in paid version! * difficulty ranges from very easy to almost impossible, and everything in between * animated tutorial with voice narration * change piece colors, turn sound on or off * program is optimized for minimal battery usage we want to hear from you! please rate this game!!

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