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If you like crosswords, you'll love hex-n-spell, a new twist on an old favorite. take your wordplay to a new dimension and spell words in three fun directions. overlay existing tiles to form new words. discover hidden, magic multipliers and take your score to the next level! get definitions on all words played*. *-hex-n-spell includes a 180,000 plus word dictionary, most words with definitions _____________________________________ see hex-n-spell in action we have posted several videos on our website that showcase hex-n-spell in action and display many of its unique features. _____________________________________ amazingly configurable using our unique option system, hex-n-spell is amazingly configurable! adjust everything from the way redraws are handled to the smarts of the ai players, make it your hexo, your way! adjust the game for infinite replayability! _____________________________________ four challenging ai personalities no one to play with? compete against one or more challenging ai personalities: the queen of hearts, the queen of diamonds, the queen of clubs or the queen of spades! adjust their smarts to fit your needs. _____________________________________ features * integrated with game center! report your scores and shoot to the top of our leader boards. win challenging achievements. * multi player - play against other people or one of our four ai personalities on a single ipad * learn to play the game with built in quick help * 180,000 word dictionary, most all words with definition * lookup or browse the dictionary at any time * overlay existing tiles on the board to form new plays * can have up to two tiles touching that don't form a word * hidden magic word bonuses * user defined options modify game play for endless playability

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