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******* -- iphone footprint -- "exciting match-3 puzzle game" an evil witch is out on the hunt for the hexlings, and you can stop her wicked intentions by matching their hexed forms. hexed takes the match-3 puzzle genre to a whole new level with a great format. "very fun game!" lotta small detail work makes this a winner. best music and sfx i've heard in a long time. lotta personality in this and enough gameplay detail to keep it interesting. glad i got this. ******* the hexlings have been hexed! manipulate and match their hexed forms to save them from the clutches of the evil witch. hexed is a brand new take on the traditional match-3 puzzle genre. pieces are rotated to create matches, the screen can be rotated for different strategies and spells cast by the evil witch must be successfully negotiated. play well and you will be ranked amongst the world leader boards! features - tiles rotate to create matches - excellent soundtrack - animated weather effects - cute audio from the hexedlings - world scores - can be played in a relaxing or strategic manner === other froggie games === check out other games by froggie... paper shot! 40 levels of non-stop paper throwing action. also available in a 'lite' (try before you buy) free version. keywords: bejeweled tetris stoneloops tower bloxx toki tori trism chuzzle unblock hangman sudoku toobs

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